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I recently attended a meeting with the Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Chuka Umunna on 29 January 2013. This after he'd learned that senior officials at the Amicus/Unite trade union and senior civil servants in the previous Labour Government were in possession of all my Blacklisting evidence as far back as 2005/2006 and did nothing with this. This evidence was no more or less information that David Clancy at the ICO eventually used to locate and close down the Consulting Association back in 2009.

The cozy financial relationship (and possible reason for covering this up back then) between the trade unions that fund his party and the member companies of the Consulting Association has finally been broadcast by the BBC.

The show also focused on the fact that senior officials within the last Labour Goverment had all my evidence back in 2006/2007 and did nothing with this.

BBC Radio 4 - The Report

BBC News 

My take on the meeting was that it was a fishing exercise to establish what else I knew about the relationship between the respective parties.

During the meeting I raised a point about Luciana Berger MP who had praised the efforts of the trade union Ucatt in exposing the Consulting Association back in 2009 in the live debate in the House of Commons on 23 January 2013. This was totally untrue and she misled the House. Ucatt had absolutely nothing to do with exposing the CA back then or at any time before this. Chuka brushed this point aside during our meeting.

I therefore emailed him regarding this a couple of days later, and to date I have yet to receive a response from him on this following numerous prompts.

It amazes me how he wants to meet me one day to discuss the Blacklisting, but then faced with the truth about his own party and the trade unions that fund it, he won't even reply to an email.

Here is the email to Chuka:

Dear Chuka

Thank you for meeting me the other day. Your support in this matter is much appreciated.

I would like to draw your attention to the intervention of Luciana Berger in the debate on 23 January 2013, in which she praises the efforts of the Ucatt union in exposing the Consulting Association in 2009.

CU: "Trade unions including Ucatt, Unite and GMB have also unearthed much evidence, in addition the Blacklist Support group".

LB: "I thank my honorable friend for very kindly giving way into his speech and I listened very carefully to what he said. I’m a proud member of Ucatt and would he agree, that as he mentioned before that the work that they have done on behalf of their members, construction workers up and down the country, led to what we saw in 2009 and if it hadn’t been for their arduous work that they’ve carried out for many decades that we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now, but we’ve still got a long way to go".

CU: "I completely agree with the comments of my honorable friend".

This is simply not true and very insulting to the people who did actually contribute to the exposure of the Consulting Association in 2009. I'd mentioned in my previous email that the Ucatt trade union had absolutely nothing to do with this before 2009 and that their former General Secretary, Alan Richie apologized to me in person after I gave my evidence to the select committee, stating in his words that he totally missed this before it was exposed in 2009.

I've since learned from Michael Dooley, that Alan Richie was recently removed from office following an order from the certification officer and subsequently resigned after an investigation was launched into his expenses. This man is now advising the select committee! 

David Clancy from the ICO has just this morning confirmed to me that no trade union was involved in the efforts to expose the Consulting Association before 2009.

I therefore put it to you that Luciana Berger has misled the House and think you should both publicly apologise and set the record straight on the people whose efforts actually did contribute to the eventual exposure of Ian Kerr and the Consulting Association back in 2009.

Have you any idea how insulting and annoying it is to hear MP's praising the efforts of complicit trade unions, whilst on the same hand ignoring the efforts of those who have struggled for so long to expose this? It came as no surprise this morning to learn that Luciana's constituency office is located in the Ucatt Building on Derwent Road in Liverpool. 

Best regards

Alan Wainwright

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