Thursday, 14 February 2013


I'm happy to stand corrected on this, but I'm pretty sure I'm spot on. 

In the years leading up to 2005/2006, when I became unemployed and subsequently placed on the Consulting Association files for trying to expose the Blacklisting, the following financial arrangements existed:

The Labour Government to the Construction Companies

The Labour Government awarded contracts to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds to the member companies (approximately 40 of the UK's leading Construction companies) of the Consulting Association.

The Construction Companies to the Trade Unions 

Some of the member companies of the Consulting Association (those in mechanical and electrical contracting or those with an M&E subsidiary like Carillion and Balfour Beatty) paid the weekly trade union subscription fees of all their electrical employees to Amicus/Unite under a JIB benefits scheme in force at the time. In my role as National Labour Manager at Carillion, I can confirm that we had approximately 1000 electrical operatives at the time, so my math has that at approximately 100 grand a year for one company alone. 

I can also confirm that money was paid weekly to Amicus/Unite for all temporary agency workers engaged on our projects (two pounds per person per week), following a threat from Frank Westerman that they would target and expose our use of agency labour, which was a contravention of one of the working rule agreements at the time.

The Trade Unions to the Labour Party

The trade unions funded the Labour Party to the tune of millions of pounds.

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