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I've become increasingly concerned about the motives of some of the blacklisted workers recently as they talk of their so called "ruined lives". 

Steve Acheson, who has protested outside the Fiddlers Ferry power station for the last few years talks of severe hardship, and Dave Smith's "my children were on milk tokens" statement appears in many press articles.

The current investigation by the Scottish Affairs Committee is what I would call 'the start of the end of the Blacklisting'. There's a long way to go, but this investigation hopefully appears to be the start of the end of this scandal.

This Saturday sees the AGM of the Blacklist Support Group (whoever they are) in London, with Unite leader Len McCloskey as the main speaker. 

I'm intrigued as to how such "ruined lives", knowing full well that this union was in full possession of my blacklisting evidence as far back as 2005 and did nothing with this, thus prolonging their so called suffering by some six years or more, could associate themselves and mix with the people who have simply sat on this information all this time.

The BBC succinctly summed up the most probable reason for the union's inaction in their recent Radio 4 program, "The Report'.


I therefore asked Dave Smith if I could speak at this event and was told I could not. 

How bizarre that the whistleblower and single source of all the evidence used to locate and close down the Consulting Association would not be asked or welcome to speak at such an event. 

Notwithstanding my efforts to expose the Blacklisting from 2005 to 2009, I have also worked tirelessly to provide the Scottish Affairs Committee with ongoing evidence throughout the last six months, some of which is evident on this website.

I've always been concerned when something doesn't add up. I suppose it's in my nature and something just doesn't add up here. 

Why would Dave Smith, Steve Acheson and the like, the latter who has told me and others on many occasions that he has substantial evidence of trade union collusion in the Blacklisting, proactively mix with a trade union that could have started the end of their so called struggle six or seven years ago? It is quite bizarre...

Sean Curran from Guney Clark Ryan is also speaking at this event. For their High Court claim to be successful, they will have to demonstrate the financial losses to support these so called "ruined lives". Blacklisted workers will also have to demonstrate that they too attempted to mitigate their loss.

I started my career as an electrician. My brother and ex brother in law are electricians and many of my friends are construction tradesmen. I progressed from my role as an electrician to the National Labour Manager of one of the major construction companies, so I know the job and I know the industry.

Electrical work falls into three categories. Domestic, commercial and industrial. Domestic work covers residential premises like our homes. Commercial work covers premises likes schools and offices and Industrial work relates to the large scale projects such as football stadiums and power stations. 

Most of the companies implicated in this scandal carry out large scale industrial projects, but the work type is generally consistent across all three categories. All these installation types need general lighting, power and heating. It is probably only the size of the incoming services that varies, as a room is a room with lighting, power sockets and heating.

I mention this as most qualified electricians, plumbers, etc are capable of working in all three categories. They are most certainly all capable of working on domestic and commercial installations, so it's not as if they can only work in one or two of the categories.

This is important when evaluating if a blacklisted worker attempted to mitigate their loss. They cannot say "I'm an industrial electrician, plumber or joiner and therefore can only work on industrial projects". This is simply not true.

Now I'm on record as saying that in my view, none of the blacklisted workers would have got work for the member companies of the Consulting Association and I stand by that. 

Growing gaps on their CV's would also have deterred other employers outside this circle. 1995 to 2009 were boom years for construction tradesmen, so large unexplained gaps on a CV would have concerned a prospective employer.

But there is something many of these workers could have done to mitigate their loss. As previously mentioned, my brother and my ex brother in law are both electricians and have both made a successful living working self employed during this period. They have also both employed and put their sons through apprenticeships. 

I also have many other construction tradesmen friends who have made a successful living working self employed. By this I do not mean renting offices, taking on staff etc. They just work in the domestic and commercial fields, installing work on a fixed price or for an agreed fixed hourly rate in their local area. They all appear to have had no trouble finding work.

I only recently learned that the Consulting Association held a file on a friends father who was a local electrician. He's retired now, but he too appears to have made a good living from being a self employed electrician.

I can therefore see no reason why many of the Blacklisted workers could not have done the same.  I've heard it suggested that some only worked on industrial projects so they could not work on commercial or domestic work. This is rubbish. 

The core skills of an electrician, plumber, joiner, bricklayer, etc are all applicable to domestic and commercial installations. Industrial pipe-fitters are an exception, as they install the large pipework that feeds the plumbing and heating supplies. You would not have this in a domestic installation.

So as I say. Something does not quite appear to be adding up with Mr Acheson, Mr Smith and their "ruined lives".

This begs the question "Who are the Blacklist Support Group?" 

A bona fide group of people trying to establish the truth, or a collection of ex Militants welcomed back into the fold in a bid to buy their silence on the complicity of a major trade union in all this?

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