Wednesday, 31 July 2013


This Youtube video from 2011 features electrician, Steve Acheson, who I was able to help win his tribunal in January 2007 by providing a witness statement and giving evidence at the hearing.


At 13:06 Steve states: "If you take our own union, Unite. They've got this cumulative evidence that the officials have colluded. Now, if I put myself in the general secretary's shoes, I'd be wanting to know who these men were forthwith so we could rid the union of their services".
Steve reiterates union involvement in the blacklisting again in this Youtube video from March 2013.


At 2:30 Steve states: "It unfolded that it was an elaborate conspiracy. Forty four of the biggest construction companies in the country, along with the police, security services and union officials, from a couple of unions by the way, not just Unite, but Ucatt, you know had erm. This is what unfolded. These people used to sit, hold meetings around the country in every region, and they'd discuss who it was gonna get on the jobs".

More statements from Steve about union collusion in this Youtube video from March 2013.


At 2:50 Steve states: "A conspiracy. Forty four of the biggest companies in Britain. The police, security services. Union officers from a couple of unions which we know about".

I'd been in regular contact with Steve until he stopped taking my calls about a year or so ago and he's always stated to me that he has conclusive evidence that proves trade union officials colluded with HR managers to place people on the blacklist.

Steve is a primary Claimant in the Guney Clark Ryan High Court action and has informed me on many occasions that GCR representatives had informed him that Unite were offering to put up the insurance for the High Court claim.

This was reiterated by Liam Dunne of GCR who informed me of the same in our meeting at the Queens Hotel in Chester in 2011. Liam also informed me that GCR were considering a separate claim against Unite for their collusion in all this.

I raised these points along with many others with Chuka Umunna in our meeting on 29 January 2013, but he continues to ignore anything that potentially implicates his party in all this.

So have Unite bought the silence of GCR and the blacklisted workers who have proof of union collusion? I don't know, but surely it's a question members of the select committee should be asking.

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