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The following is a series of emails sent between electrician, Frank Morris, Unite's London Regional Officer, Vince Passfield, the leader of the Labour Party, Len McCluskey, Unite's Executive Officer, Tony Woodley and Unite's Director of Organising and Leverage, Sharon Graham in 2011 and 2012.

Frank subsequently copies them to me, the Blacklist Support Group and Jerry Hicks on 5 March 2012. 

These all form part of one email thread and I'll post these in chronological order.

Frank Morris to Vince Passfield - 18 Feb 2011

In this, Frank writes to Vince Passfield setting out a statement of his experience at the Olympic Park and asking for any advice and assistance he can provide.


Vince Passfield to Frank Morris - 21 Feb 2011

Passfield provides an extensive response, stating that it was his belief that Frank was pursuing a grievance complaint through representation of the RMT union.

He goes on to say that he is "extremely concerned" about the allegations Frank is making about him and goes into extensive detail about his understanding of prior events.

He specifically points out that:

  • Frank had never informed him that he was a witness to any alleged comments made by a Daletech supervisor or that any discussion took place
  • Daletech had never mentioned Franks' name to him either as a witness to alleged acts or any other matter
  • Franks' name did not get mentioned by Daletech or the complainant in relation to a dismissal at the Olympic Project
  • The complainant had never mentioned Franks' name or disclosed the identity of his witness to that date

I'm assuming 'the complainant' is the sacked electrician Frank appears to have made a fuss over at the Olympic Project.

Passfield continues to give his account of matters, stating that he'd given Frank some advice by text and in writing which he'd ignored.

Passfield is basically saying that Franks' version of events in untrue. He recommends that Frank contacts another Construction Officer in the Dagenham office and furthermore that he provides confirmation that the RMT are no longer acting on his behalf.

There's obviously a lot more here than my brief summary, so I'd suggest a full read of the email.



Frank Morris to Len McCluskey and Tony Woodley - 21 Feb 2011

Frank immediately writes to Len McCluskey and Tony Woodley stating that he had previously written to them regarding the Olympic project, that Passfield is lying in his email response and suggests that he is doing so to protect an ECA member company.


Frank Morris to Sharon Graham - 5 March 2012

The final correspondence in this email thread is from Frank to Sharon Graham a year later. In this, he states that no one has come back to him in over a year and that he can categorically say that Passfield is lying.

He suggests that Passfield is possibly lying to protect himself from disciplinary action and that Passfield has "tried to imply in union circles that he was somehow an RMT activist trying to stir up trouble". He talks about his case being thrown out and how this has affected his family, as winning would have exposed that blacklisting was current. 

He concludes by saying "It's ironic that a Unite officer has been instrumental in destroying it".

This email is subsequently forwarded to me, the Blacklist Support Group and Jerry Hicks later that day.



So who is lying? Passfield or Frank?

Why do Unite ignore Frank for well over a year and then all of a sudden make a big fuss over him at Crossrail?

Why does Gail Cartmail spend two hours trying to convince the select committee and the mainstream TV and press that Frank Morris is a contemporary victim of blacklisting at Crossrail when the most senior regional Unite official in the area has blatantly accused him of being an out and out liar in respect of his allegations about the Olympic Park project?

There is something fundamentally wrong here with Unite's involvement in the blacklisting and it's something the small group of Labour MP's who frequent the select committee and the Blacklist Support Group are not interested in touching with a barge pole.

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