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This post will focus on two emails distributed by the Blacklist Support Group (BSG) in 2010 and 2011.  The BSG is headed up by electricians, Dave Smith, Steve Acheson and Colin Trousdale. The emails are written and distributed by Dave Smith.

BSG Email - 7 Feb 2011

In the first email, Dave expresses his concerns about the cover up of my evidence by the then general Secretary, Derek Simpson saying:  

"It seems that despite Mr Wainwright's best efforts that we are still awaiting the Utopian dream of a blacklist-free construction industry and if Derek Simpson has his way the union renegades who helped enforce the blacklist will get off scot-free."

It details a personal statement from Colin Trousdale: 

"It appears to me that these officers will go unpunished if it is left to the hierarchy of the union both past and present! We must continue with our endeavours to unmask these wretches and make them face the wrath of their victims if nothing else."

"I have seen three comrades go to the grave without the chance of clearing their name or at least having the knowledge of who in our union betrayed them, I will not go to mine without justice for them and myself".

BSG EMAIL - 7 FEB 2011

BSG Email - 11 Oct 2010

In the second email, Dave expresses his concerns about the unions withdrawing their legal support for a number of key employment tribunal cases a day or two before the hearings.

On page 2, point 6 of the email he names the cases and states:

"The union is withdrawing support only one or two days before the cases are meant to be heard in court - which leaves no-one with anytime to make alternative arrangements."

He goes on to stress:

"As the ETI forms were filled in by the very same solicitors in the first place - why the sudden change of heart."

He continues on page 3 to say:

"Either way blacklisted workers who are long standing union members are having legal representation withdrawn at the last minute".

In point 7 he talks about Unite voting to carry out an investigation into the role of corrupt union officials in the blacklisting scandal following the release of unredacted files that name individual union officials as supplying information to the blacklist and says: "IT'S ABOUT BLOODY TIME"

Another internal investigation? 

We all know the outcome of those!

BSG EMAIL - 11 Oct 2010 (Pg1)

BSG EMAIL - 11 Oct 2010 (Pg2)

BSG EMAIL - 11 Oct 2010 (Pg3)


As always, I'm just presenting the evidence as it stands. There's lots more to come and I will index the posts chronologically over the weekend so they're easier to follow.

My primary concern has always been to get to the truth which has been complex as I weave through the political and financial agenda's of the respective parties.

But one thing is now becoming much clearer in respect of the motives and actions of the trade unions in all this.

All my posts are backed up with firm evidence and there is still much more to come.

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