Monday, 30 September 2013


Dear Carillion

Please stop telling fibs! 

I'm no liar!


Best regards,

Alan Wainwright 


The GMB contacted me today to inform me that Carillion's lawyers had written to their lawyers basically calling me a liar. Although I doubt the GMB believed them in any way, I was able to provide them with the information needed to disprove the statements made by Carillion.

One of Carillion's claims was that Frank Duggan (named by me as Carillion's main contact with the Consulting Association during my time there) was never a Director of any Carillion company (or words to that effect).

Firstly it's important to remember that Carillion demerged from Tarmac around 1999, so semantics could be at play to some extent. 

Tarmac's construction businesses re-branded to Carillion and the aggregates business was sold on and retained the Tarmac brand. I did mention in my evidence to the select committee that it would be unfair to use the word Tarmac when discussing the blacklisting, as to the best of my knowledge, the aggregates business had nothing to do with it. So we agreed that we would define this business as Carillion, even though it was Tarmac pre 1999.

So back to Frank Duggan. He was most probably never a Director of Carillion, but he was certainly the Director of Personnel for Tarmac during my time there (1993 - 1999) and the main point of contact for all checks with Ian Kerr at the Consulting Association.

The link above confirms that Francis Thomas Duggan was a Director at Markfield (Pension Trustees) Limited (Director of Personnel) from July 1993 to October 1997.

The company was based in Carillion's (Tarmac's) offices in Wolverhampton.

Another notable Director of Markfield during the same period was:


This confirms that Frank Duggan sat on the same board of Directors as Sir Neville Simms during my employment with Carillion.

Frank was also a Director of another Carillion company at the time, Castlecroft Hotel Limited, but I don't want to confuse matters too much by going into too great a detail about this. 

You can view all the other Carillion Directors and the complex weave of companies Carillion owned at the time via a simple Internet search at 

Patrick Eugene McCloskey, Roger William Robinson and John Michael Ball are three other interesting key Carillion Directors involved with labour. The first two being ex Directors of Postworth Limited (Carillion's labour agency NCS). 

John Michael Ball

Is detailed on the following blacklist file of Dave Smith at 2d.

SOURCE 3271 (JB)

Mr Ball has also been a Director of a number of Carillion companies:

Tarmac Pensions Limited

Carillion Pensions Limited

Carillion Quest Trustee Limited

So stick all that in your pipe and smoke it, Carillion lawyers.

Francis Thomas Duggan

So where is he now?

Detailed as retired, but I've tracked him down to a company in Milton Keynes called Fuscha Limited where he's the Company Secretary with a John Patrick Duggan as Director.


There's a telephone number on the website, so any interested parties can contact him direct.

Lies, Lies and More Lies

I'm sure I've demonstrated by now that I'm one of the very few people who has actually told the truth in all this. I have no personal agenda other than to get to the truth and hopefully help myself and the many thousands of blacklisted workers who are not privileged to be part of the Guney Clark Ryan or GMB High Court claims.

I'm used to being called a liar by now. Look at the correspondence from Micky Tuff at Unite in which he calls me a compulsive liar. How the select committee has not asked one single question to Unite about their complicity in all this is beyond me considering the evidence uploaded on this website, but time will tell.

It does appear to be the standard practice in dealing with whistle-blowers and those raising genuine concerns at work. Isolate them and their views so they appear to be the only one making them. If no one else is making them then surely it can't be true. ;-)

There must be so many other people out there struggling to get the truth out about some other abuse of power or human rights. There is quite simply no support whatsoever for whistle-blowers in this country, irrespective of what the PCAW say. There are plenty of bureaucrats sitting around having meetings and discussions, but where is the real help?

So I'd say go find Mr Duggan and get him under oath at the select committee and the GMB High Court case. Let's see what he's got to say for himself under the full spotlight and scrutiny of Messrs Davidson & Co and the GMB Barristers.

I have written to Mr Duggan appealing for him to now come clean on the blacklisting, but I wouldn't hold your breath as he'll probably adopt the standard 'deny everything and throw a shit load of legal at it' approach like the rest of them.

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