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So Chuka Umunna promises a "full inquiry" into the blacklisting if Labour get in power. What exactly does he mean by a "full inquiry", as he didn't say a "full public or independent inquiry"?

Would Labour's "full inquiry" investigate why the previous Labour Government and Unite did absolutely nothing with my evidence back in 2006, thus prolonging the suffering of thousands of blacklisted workers?

I somehow doubt it.

This inaction by the Labour party and a major trade union was most accurately reported in this BBC Radio 4 documentary.


Neither the previous Labour Goverment or the trade unions wanted anything to do with the blacklisting until someone somewhere was able to persuade the Scottish Affairs Committee to launch an inquiry in 2012.

And when I say previous Labour Government, I mean right at the top. 

Jack Straw Letter - March 2009

In March 2009 I wrote to my MP, David Hanson (Labour), raising my concerns about the trade unions and the blacklisting. Mr Hanson immediately wrote straight to the then Secretary of State, Jack Straw at the Ministry of Justice, including a printed copy of the 'Introduction' post from this website. This included everything about Unite's involvement in all this and my meeting with Bernard Carter in January 2007.

Does Mr Hanson ask for an explanation, or even an investigation into the serious matters I'm raising? No. He simply asks Straw to "look into this" and provide "A response suitable to pass on to my constituent".


So the Secretary of State is by this time now fully aware that a major trade union that funds his party to the tune of millions each year were in full possession of all my blacklisting evidence as far back as 2005 and did absolutely nothing with it.

He is also now aware that the most senior civil servant in the country in relation to protecting the rights of trade unionists, Bernard Carter is also fully aware of all my evidence as far back as January 2007 and also appears to have done absolutely nothing about this.

So did Jack Straw take any action to investigate these matters following these disclosures?

I somehow doubt it.

It's 2009 and there's an election brewing. An election in which the Labour Party will rely on the trade unions to fund their campaign. 

Pat McFadden was therefore given the task of providing the 'straight bat' response David Hanson had requested.



So would Chuka Umunna's "full inquiry" therefore fully investigate this?

I somehow doubt it.

There has to be a significant reason why all of these now 'so called' interested parties (Labour MP's, senior trade union officials) wanted absolutely nothing to do with the blacklisting until 2012.

Only a full independent public inquiry can get to the bottom of this.

Now I've met with a number of politicians in relation to exposing the blacklisting over the years and can honestly say that Chuka Umunna is by far the most disingenuous I've met.

So let's not trust the smile, or the charm, or the carefully worded statements from Chuka until he and the current Labour Party pledge a 'full independent public inquiry' into the blacklisting.

Only then will we get to the whole truth.

Ed Miliband was very keen to drum home his catchphrases yesterday at the Labour Party Conderence, but will they now change their pledge to the blacklisted workers from a "full inquiry" to a 'full public independent inquiry'?

I somehow doubt it.

Freedom of Information Act Request

I have now submitted requests for information to the Business Department under the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts, so let's see what transpires.

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