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Let's clear up the speculation following this letter from David Smith, Deputy Commissioner at the ICO to Ian Davidson, Chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee.


First stop is a look at how Blacklist Support Group spokesperson, Dave Smith and the people he's feeding information to are reporting this.

Fact: The Blacklist Support Group do not represent or speak for all blacklisted workers as they try to aver. Only 400 of the 3,200 blacklisted workers are currently aware they have a blacklist file, of which approximately 100 are represented by Guney Clark Ryan and a similar number by the GMB union.

Dave Smith - Blacklist Support Group

"The Information Commissioners Office has confirmed that they hold documents relating to another blacklist in the construction industry. The confirmation comes in a letter to Ian Davidson MP, chair of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee investigation into blacklisting from ICO Deputy Commissioner David Smith (attached)."

"The possible existence of this new blacklist (separate to the Consulting Association blacklist currently in the news) was originally raised by whistleblower Alan Wainwright during evidence to the Scottish Affairs Select Committee in November 2012".

"The ICO seem to be suddenly remembering lots of things they haven't mentioned before in the press or to MP's".

Chloe Stothart - Construction News

"Second construction blacklist revealed by data watchdog".

"The Information Commissioner's office has confirmed that there was a second construction industry blacklist believed to cover 500 construction workers".

Will Hurst - Building Magazine

"Watchdog confirms second industry blacklist".

"The existence of a second construction industry blacklist, understood to contain as many as 500 names, has been confirmed by the industry watchdog".

The Facts

1. My tribunal witness statement.

I'm not sure if the ICO are referring to my witness statement from 2006 for my own tribunal or my witness statement for the 'Acheson & Others v Logic Controls Ltd' tribunal from January 2007.

Either way there is nothing new here, as both have been in the public domain since 2006/2007.

Also published on this website in March 2009.

2. Faxes to and from Haden Young (from Haden Young Tamworth to Haden Young Watford).

Nothing new here too, as these have also been in the public domain since 2006.

They have also been in the possession of senior trade union officials and the General Secretary of Amicus/Unite since 2005/2006 and Bernard Carter at the Business Department since January 2007.  

Also published on this website in March 2009.

3. A list of nine contact names and addresses of what appear to be individual managers within different construction companies.

I don't have a copy of this information, so cannot comment.

4. A small sample of names and national insurance numbers of individual construction workers (Pfizer, Royal Opera House and Jubilee Line).

Again nothing new here. 

The full list was first published on my first website in 2006. Also provided to senior trade union officials and the General Secretary at Amicus/Unite in 2005/2006, and Bernard Carter at the Business Department in January 2007.

Also published on this website in March 2009.


This information is not a new blacklist and was not originally raised by me in my evidence to the select committee on November 2012. 

It was originally raised by me as far back as 2005/2006 with senior trade union officials and the then General Secretary of Amicus/Unite, but they buried this.

It was originally raised by me as part of my evidence to my tribunal in November 2006, where Directors from Haden Young lied under oath.

It was originally raised by me in January 2007 with Bernard Carter, the most senior civil servant in the country responsible for protecting trade union rights.

The 500 List

What we do now know about this list of 500 workers from the Pfizer, Royal Opera House and Jubilee Line projects is that some of these workers made it onto The Consulting Association database.

According to Sheila Knight, Ian Coates joined Emcor Drake & Scull from Haden Young after I left and managed their relationship with the Consulting Association.

To the best of my knowledge, Frank Morris was not one of these workers who made it from the '500 list' onto the CA database.

You can read all about Frank and Crossrail on this website here:



So my advice for what it's worth is beware of idiots running around shouting "new blacklist", "new blacklist" to whoever will listen.

The covert blacklisting of construction workers would most certainly still be prevalent in the UK construction industry had David Clancy at the ICO not acted on my evidence in August 2008 and I simply cannot understand the motives of some of the people who are trying to discredit him.

As David Smith from the ICO states in his letter. "This is not information that we seized from the Consulting Association. Rather it is the information that we provided to the court to support our application for a no notice search warrant for access to the premises of Haden Young Ltd in August 2008".

It was this evidence that enabled the ICO to locate and shut down Ian Kerr and the Consulting Association. 

Deluded Fantasy

In addition to the many exaggerated claims made by Dave Smith and others from the BSG over the last few years, another founder member of the Blacklist Support Group, Michael Dooley is posting on the Facebook page today (29 October 2013) that he has a list of 400 names, addresses and full details of activities of sparks who worked on the Royal Opera House, Jubilee Line and Pfizers projects.

He says Rob Evans from The Guardian put him onto it and that he's sure he downloaded it from this website.

Pure deluded fantasy.

I'd love to see this, which would possibly represent a 'new blacklist'. I've spoken to Dooley on numerous occasions and even met up with him, but on each occasion he's made claims and promised to send me supporting evidence but nothing has ever transpired.

And herein lies the danger when you have a small group of people like this making exaggerated claims purporting to represent a group of people who are as yet, largely unidentified.

On a final note, I recently stated to Chloe Stothart that I don't talk to journalists. This is not true. I've provided information to many journalists, including Anna Meisel for her Radio 4 programme and Claire Burnett for her Panorama film. 

What I should have said is that I don't talk to journalists who have absolutely no interest in reporting the true facts in this scandal.

It's all on this website.

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