Thursday, 10 October 2013


Eight years of my life battling for this day


Is this the end? 

Not by a long chalk. These people have lied and denied for the last eight years, thus prolonging the suffering of thousands of construction workers.  

So why trust them now?

When I say 'these people', I don't just mean the construction companies. Senior trade union officials buried my evidence as far back as 2005, with one, Micky Tuff from Unite, calling me a "compulsive lair".

I've also recently submitted Freedom of Information and Data Protection Act requests to the Business Department, so we should soon be able to establish more about why the previous Labour Government failed to act on my blacklisting evidence as far back as January 2007. Please see the following BBC News article on this from earlier this year:


Unite are still refusing to provide copies of the letters from their then General Secretary, Derek Simpson from 2006, stating now that they cannot locate them.

The Labour strong select committee are still reluctant to ask Unite one single question about their complicity in all this. Even after the wild goose chase they were set in relation to Crossrail.

There are still so many question unanswered in relation to this scandal, including "Why did Unite and the Labour Party, both who were in full possession of my evidence as far back as 2005 and 2007 respectively want nothing to do with the blacklisting until long after they lost power?".

It's also important to note that Guney Clark Ryan and the GMB are only representing approximately 100 workers each in their High Court claims. As welcome and respected as these claims are, there are still approximately 200 blacklisted workers with their files like myself who these parties could not help and another near 3,000 who do not yet know that they had a Consulting Association blacklist file.


On a final note I must say how impressive and modern the GMB campaign has been. So many trade unionists are still stuck in the 70's, but Justin Bowden and the GMB have demonstrated that trade unions can be modern, creative, constructive and effective if led by the right people. 

They have stood out for me, and after working with Justin on their campaign and claim over the last year or so, I do know they still have a surprise or two in the bag for the many HR Managers and other parties who have just sat back and said nothing over the last few years in the hope this would simply go away.

So we press on... 

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