Saturday, 12 October 2013


So The Guardian finally got there, reporting on the Bent Union Officials after all this time. They've known about this for years but wouldn't print a single word against the trade unions that fund their precious Labour Party.


They're still deleting any reference to my website in their Comments section!

Sean Curran from Guney Clark & Ryan:

 "We note that there has been reference to the consultation of Ucatt and Unite in the formulation of the proposed compensation scheme. We express serious concern about the involvement of those organisations."

"We have seen evidence that implicates Amicus (which evolved into Unite) and Ucatt officials in the supply of negative commentary about the suitability of their members for employment."

"That commentary frequently made its way onto the Consulting Association database and was no doubt one of the factors that led to denials of employment."

"It is also worthy of note that those unions refused to support their members in bringing a High Court claim so that they could seek redress for the hardship that they suffered. Many of those that we represent are firm that they object to Unite or Ucatt playing any part in negotiations with the relevant companies for these reasons."

One thing is very clear.

Unite and Ucatt should play no part in any negotiations in respect of compensation for the thousands of blacklisted workers.  

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