Thursday, 17 July 2014

CARILLION - NCS (National Construction Services)

I've previously mentioned Sandy Palmer and Dave Aspinall from Carillion's in house agency NCS (National Construction Services) in my written and verbal evidence to the committee.

They are detailed on CA file 2e here:


Roger Robinson (mentioned in yesterday's hearing by Simon Reevell) who was a main board Director at Carillion until 2010 was also a main board Director with Callum Tuckett at Laing O'Rourke Plc until March 2014. Roger was also a Director of Carillion's NCS (Postworth Limited) in house labour recruitment business (Source Duedil).

It was Roger who interviewed me for and gave me the position of NCS (M&E) manager within Carillion in 1993.

I did provide the following information to the select committee in March 2013, but it does not appear to have been acted upon.

An internet search reveals Sandy Palmer as Managing Director of a similarly named recruitment business in Telford called NCS - Network Construction Services until 2010. This appears to have been set up around 2002.

A further internet search also reveals Dave Aspinall as a Director of this company from 2005. This is the same Sandy Palmer and Dave Aspinall from Carillion's NCS, although the internet search reveals that Sandy Palmer is registered as Thomas Alexander Luke Palmer. Sandy is his nickname. Here is the search:

So these two key people, both with very long term careers, pensions, etc. suddenly leave their very secure roles at Carillion to work at NCS Network Construction Services.

Considering the evidence already submitted to the select committee about Sandy and Dave's association with the Consulting Association whilst at Carillion, and the recent concerns raised about employment agency Atlanco Rimec, I have written to a member of the committee to highlight this again.

I simply cannot understand how Richard Howson has not been called in for questioning by the select committee, considering his long term stance that Carillion's association with the CA was limited to "a Crown House subsidiary". 

Tarmac/Carillion employees Sandy, Dave, John Ball and Personnel Director, Frank Duggan are all on the files submitted in my evidence to the select committee. 

If FD (at 2b in the CA files above) is not Frank Duggan, then maybe Mr Howson would like to enlighten us as to who this was from within the company. 

It should be noted that there is also a reference to a DW in the same CA file 2b. In addition to Sandy Palmer and Dave Aspinall, there was only one other manager employed at Carillion's NCS at the time I was there.

Dave Whitelaw...

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