Friday, 31 October 2014


Email to the Chairman of the Harkand Audit Committee in relation to their 'Mission, Vision, Values and Ethics' policy:


"Dear Mr Laloe

I'm writing to you in your capacity of Chairman of the Harkand Audit Committee.

You may or may not be aware that the GMB union are holding a demonstration at your Aberdeen premises against your HR Director, Kevin Gorman for his role in the construction industry blacklisting scandal. I worked with Mr Gorman at Carillion and was the whistleblower who exposed the blacklisting:

I go into detail about Mr Gormans' participation in this on my website and evidence to the parliamentary select committee:

The GMB have also produced a detailed breakdown of Mr Gormans' participation, which has also been reported in the following news article:

I would draw your attention to your company's values and ethics policy which states:

9. Suspected Breach of Harkand’s Conduct of Business Policy
If you have a reason to believe that someone, or a situation, is or might be causing a breach of this Conduct of Business Policy, you must promptly contact either your supervisor, the Group Compliance Officer, Kevin Gorman ( or the Chairman of the Harkand Audit Committee, Jean-Luc Laloƫ ( Choose the person you are the most comfortable contacting under the circumstances. Any such whistle-blowing will be taken seriously, and no good-faith report will result in disciplinary action against the person making the report.

I would also like to inform you that I have personally reached out to Mr Gorman at his previous employers asking him to come forward with any information he may have that could have helped expose the blacklisting, which was ignored.

I'm sure you will reach your own opinion on whether Mr Gorman has breached your 'Conduct of Business Policy'.

Best regards,
Alan Wainwright"


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