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Ex Amicus (now Unite) official Frank Westerman named as the source of information on a number of blacklisting CA files by Dave Smith, especially in relation to the electricians on the Jubilee Line Extension.

I met this guy once during my time at Carillion after he'd demanded a meeting to discuss our agency workers. At the time we had approximately 1800 directly employed and about 400 via agencies (including NCS), which in my opinion was about the right balance to deal with the peaks and troughs of the construction process at the time.

Mr Westermans' visit had one primary objective, i.e. to blackmail the business into paying them (Amicus/Unite) £2.00 a week union membership fees for each agency worker used on our projects. He bragged about how powerful he was, citing projects where he'd recently caused industrial action and disruption. I recall being aware of the issues on those projects at the time, which caused me concern. 

He was referring to the use of agency workers in the national working rule handbook, which stated that any member company must first use the services of Esca Services (a recruitment agency half owned by his union at the time), before going out to any other agency. We did not use Esca at the time, as we had our own internal agency, NCS and three other preferred suppliers.

Agency workers were quite transient at the time as business was booming and there were always other agencies offering workers on our projects better money or hours. This made it impossible to encourage an agency worker to sign up to Mr Westermans' union to and process the subscriptions, as they may not be working with us a week or two later. 

Mr Westerman threatened that he would cause the business significant disruption if we did not meet his demands to pay his union. We were therefore forced to set up a process to pay Amicus/Unite £2.00 per week for each and every agency worker on our projects or suffer the wrath of Mr Westerman and his bully boy tactics.

Morgan Stanley Dispute

So Mr Westerman has recently resurfaced and according to Dave Smith's reports, he appears to be connected to a recent dispute. So let's look at the information:

a) Mr Westerman is now acting as a consultant for a construction company involved in a recent dispute with trade union members at Morgan Stanley. 

b) Mr Westerman was the source of information for blacklisted workers CA files from the Jubilee Line Extension.

c) The sacked trade union member has now been re-employed following a meeting with Pheonix MD, Lee Compton.

Oh, and...

Lee Compton was MD of Drake & Scull at the time when Sheila Knight distributed the lists of workers from the Jubilee Line Extension, Pfizers and Royal Opera House Projects.

It doesn't take too much to connect the dots, does it?

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