Monday, 26 October 2015


This is Gillian Hone.

Around 1999/2000, all the Drake & Scull supervisors on the Jubilee Line Extension project were brought together to identify the main instigators of the strike action. I learned this from Tony Willoughby (a Drake & Scull supervisor on the project) in 2006, who explained the process to me and the forms they were asked to fill in. Tony named Gillian Hone as the person administrating this process for Drake & Scull, but I've never been able to locate her until now.

Gillian would therefore most certainly have been involved in the process that singled out those operatives from the Jubilee Line Extension lists (exchanged with Balfour Kilpatrick) that made it onto the Consulting Association database. 

She stayed with Drake & Scull until 2007, but then moved to another Consulting Association member, Diamond M&E Services, and then another, SPIE Matthew Hall until 2009. Thirteen consecutive years at Consulting Association member companies.

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