Friday, 8 February 2013


In August 2005, a senior trade union official, Micky Tuff (Amicus/Unite) came into possession of all the key blacklisting evidence in my possession. I gave it to him after he accompanied me to my grievance hearing with Haden Young. This included all the Haden Young Blacklisting fax check sheets and the memo from Sheila Knight c/w the lists of 500 names from the Jubilee Line, Pfizer and Royal Opera House projects. This was no more or no less evidence than David Clancy at the ICO used to expose Ian Kerr and the Consulting Association in 2009.

I have already published my three letters to Derek Simpson in 2006 and my letters to Gail Cartmail and her response in 2012, so here are the four letters to Micky Tuff in January and February 2006. I'm a fully paid up trade union member and he ignores these letters and all my telephone calls.

I will soon be publishing a written statement from a whistleblower from within that trade union which supports my belief that Micky Tuff was told to cover up the Blacklisting evidence and do nothing with it at the time by senior management. 

This person names at least one time and place where they discuss the Blacklisting evidence and goes on to say "He confided in me because we were good pals. I've not seen him much since, but whenever I spoke to him, and even until recently, he just says to me", "they told me I had to leave it [Name], the bastards".

This person also talks about Gail Cartmail and says "She is there, and is another who will not let him go with it, because they are worried about what might come out from the Union which might lead to them getting sued. Think about it - they'll fuck him up if he takes it on".

But all in good time. Let's see how long Amicus/Unite continue to deny they had any involvement in containing this back then. Please note that two of the letters are dated 2005 in error, but they are 2006.

Micky Tuff Letter 4 Jan 2006

Micky Tuff Letter 10 Jan 2006

Micky Tuff Letter 19 Jan 2006

Micky Tuff Letter 6 Feb 2006

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