Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Is what they can now be referred to as.

The question of why Unite's Regional Secretary, Ritchie James is threatening me with legal action unless I remove Mr Craggs's name from my website remains unanswered.  

Bent union officials. Buried the evidence back in 2006. Still covering up the cover up.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018


Evidence that Unite officials and their solicitors knew about Ian Kerr and the Consulting Association in 2006 is detailed in this document from Rowley Ashworth Solicitors to Unite Regional Official, Mick Tuff.

The document can be viewed and downloaded via this link, in which the third paragraph states:

"For instance, in our recent discussion, you indicated that Mr Wainwright had told you about a Mr Iain Kerr and that you made some preliminary investigations." 

Bent union officials. Buried the evidence back in 2006. Still covering up the cover up.

Thursday, 1 November 2018


A significant breakthrough this afternoon, directly linking the new MRI blacklists to at least one Consulting Association member company, various recruitment agencies and one previously known prolific construction industry blacklisting manager.

As more blacklisted workers from the MRI lists come forward, the pieces of this jigsaw are coming together nicely.

The question of why Unite's Regional Secretary, Ritchie James is threatening me with legal action unless I remove Mr Craggs's name from my website remains unanswered.

Bent union officials. Buried the evidence back in 2006. Still covering up the cover up.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018


It has been brought to my attention (via a number of subject access requests) that wholly untrue claims were made about me supplying information to the Consulting Association in the actual CIVIG High Court Blacklisting claims. 

Further, that the solicitors responsible signed these off as statements of truth.

An example would be the claim made that myself and Stephen Quant supplied information on blacklisted workers from the Jubilee Line Extension project to the Consulting Association between 1997 and 1999 whilst employed at Skanska. 

I have never worked at Skanska, have never met or known Mr Quant and never supplied information to the Consulting Association. The true identity of Mr Quant’s colleague who helped supply the information could have been easily verified via a simple Internet search.

I have also learned of other equally disturbing false claims made about me in that litigation from the subject access requests.

It is no wonder I have been the recipient of the abuse, bullying, lies and false claims made about me over the last few years by senior blacklisting campaigners and trade union executive council members.

This letter from Leigh Day to the authors and publishers of the ‘Blacklisted’ book details many examples.

It is also no wonder that I have been ignored by senior Labour politicians when trying to raise the complicity in and cover up of the blacklisting in 2005/2006 by their financiers, Unite (then Amicus).

It is also no wonder that I was told I could not be a claimant in the CIVIG litigation by Guney Clark & Ryan.
So how do you discredit a blacklisting whistleblower trying to expose the complicity in and cover up of the blacklisting by senior trade union officials?

Label him as a blacklister.

I will deal with these lies in due course and expose the nasty far left and bent union officials at the heart of it. My immediate priority however is to ensure that these lies have not been replicated in the seventy or so new blacklisting claims supposedly brought against the construction companies by Unite.

Saturday, 6 October 2018


Further to my recent post on the MRI blacklists (which can be read by either scrolling down the page or clicking this link), two officials from Unite have written to me threatening legal action if I don't remove the reference to Mr Craggs.

What possible reason could Unite have for getting involved in this on behalf of Mr Craggs?

They should be demanding a full investigation into the companies involved, not sticking up for their management.

Unite's joke of a letter can be viewed by clicking this link.

Bent union officials. Buried the evidence back in 2006. Still covering up the cover up.

Keep on covering up the cover up.

Monday, 1 October 2018


The General Secretary and senior trade union officials at Unite the Union (then Amicus) buried all my blacklisting evidence back in 2005/2006 to protect the millions they were receiving from the construction companies at the time.

This is highlighted in this BBC Radio 4 documentary from 2013 (at 9 to 15 minutes in).

Despite numerous subject access requests and subsequent instructions from the Information Commissioner, Unite are still deliberately withholding the information requested by me under the data protection act.

On 30 August 2018, six months after my latest subject access request, the ICO wrote to them instructing them to now provide all the information requested (including that going back to 2005) within 14 days. You can view evidence of that notice letter via this link.

Unite have ignored this, making a mockery of the legislation and process.

Unite had been in possession of all my blacklisting evidence for six years when they eventually joined the High Court legal action (on behalf of 256 workers) in 2012.

Had David Clancy (from the ICO) not acted on my evidence in 2008, then the covert blacklisting of 3,213 construction workers would most certainly still be going on today.

All blacklisted workers (and not just the 771 who were fortunate to receive compensation from the High Court litigation) deserve to know the truth about Unite's cover up back in 2005/2006, how that prolonged the suffering they endured over subsequent years, and more importantly, how that affected their chances of meaningful compensation.

Thursday, 20 September 2018


On learning earlier this year about the complete pack of lies written about me by Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain in their book, I asked my solicitor to write to both the authors and their publishers, New Internationalists to ask for these to be corrected.

You can view/download the letter via this link.

Numerous chase up calls and emails were made over the following months which were ignored. After weeks of personally chasing Dan Raymond Barker from New Internationalist I have now received a response, some four months later.

You can view/download that letter via this link.

No effort was ever made to contact me by the authors (as stated in Mr Raymond Barker's response) other than one request for an up to date photo via a Twitter personal message from Phil Chamberlain the day before the second publication. 

It is highly unlikely that I can take any further legal action due to the timing limitations in defamation law, so this nasty Fake News will most probably have to remain in the public domain.

All part of the very worrying nastiness emerging from the far left.