Friday, 23 March 2018


This is my subject access request to Unite the union dated 5 March 2018. The document details the extent to which certain Unite officials covered up their role in the blacklisting and those who have maintained this cover up over the years. It also reveals the extent to which Unite have deliberately disregarded their obligations under the data protection act to maintain this cover up.

You can read this via the following link:

Subject Access Request - Unite The Union 

Appendices can be read at the foot of this page.

What Can You Do?

Blacklisted workers and union members: You could stop turning a blind eye to this and raise this formally via your local union rep, local MP.

Trade union officials: You could raise this formally at your local branch, regional union meetings, or directly with those named.

It's amazing how quiet Roy Bentham, Tony Seaman, Frank Morris and Joe Pisani have gone on this now they have been elected to the Executive Council.

Labour Politicians: You could raise this directly with the union, but don't forget all that money you get from them 😉.

Journalists: You could also raise this directly with the union, in addition to raising awareness via your respected outlets.

If you are any of the above who read this and do nothing, then shame on you and shame on the entire trade union movement for allowing this continued systematic cover up.

The blacklisting could and should have been GAME OVER in 2006, but it was only by a sheer stroke of luck that Rob Evans at the Guardian picked up on this in 2008, which then alerted the Information Commissioner.


There's no place for them or those who support/protect them.

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Friday, 16 March 2018


Response to my subject access request from newly elected Unite Executive Council members, Frank Morris and Tony Seaman via Facebook messenger earlier:

Tony Seaman

"here you cheeky cunt you have anything to say meet us in Holborn you Blacklisting Cunt You ruined men's lives"

"excuse me you fuckwit I was giving you your chance to speak about things and now you accuse us of not doing anything"

"you turned whistleblower to help yourself and now you can't get any backing you have a go at us you dumb cunt" 

Frank Morris

"had the opportunity to expose everything when he was blacklisting us Decided to carry on stopping us earning a wage and feeding our families so he could pick up his wages. Hypocrite"

The Facts

My very limited (two to three weeks) association with Mr Kerr and the Consulting Association in 1998 is well documented from evidence given (by both Mr Kerr and myself) to the Scottish Affairs Select Committee Inquiry in 2012, but these comment highlight some of the deep-rooted, misguided and wholly untrue comments being made about me by senior officials within the union.

The Reason

Because I continue to campaign to expose the biggest elephant in the room in this scandal, that being the true extent of trade union complicity in the blacklisting, dating back to their cover up of all my blacklisting evidence in 2005/2006.

My Subject Access Request

Can be read and downloaded here.

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Theresa May, Greg Clark, Margot James - Government

John McDonnell - Land of Make Believe

Aidan Kehoe - Chief Executive Liverpool Royal Hospital

Board of Directors - Liverpool Football Club

Steve Rotheram MP 

Philip Green, Keith Cochrane, Steve Mogford, Andrew Dougal, Alison Horner, Ceri Powell - All Carillion

& many others

I was National Labour Manager at Carillion for seven years, reporting directly to the managing directors. With responsibility for around 2,500 mechanical and electrical operatives and a £60 million annual labour bill, I had access to key financial personnel and the relevant financials.

This post should be read in conjunction with the other Carillion Lies posts HERE.

As you will see from the three letters to Philip Green, Keith Cochrane and the other Carillion non-execs, John McDonnell was also copied in the correspondence and I have alerted both him directly and his team on many occasions to my concerns about Carillion.

McDonnell ignores me, as I continue to campaign to expose the trade union officials involved in the blacklisting, and current senior trade union leaders such as McCluskey, Cartmail and Beckett who ignore all the evidence I've presented to them about this and Unites cover up of the blacklisting back in 2006 to protect the millions they were receiving from the construction companies at the time, which is detailed HERE.

As no one was responding to the very serious concerns I was raising about Carillion, I asked my MP David Hanson to get involved and set out all the correspondence between him and Theresa May, Greg Clark, Margot James. No 10 and John McDonnell below.

David Hanson to Theresa May - 18 October 2016 (download link)

David Hanson wrote to the PM, highlighting my correspondence to Philip Green (and the other Carillion non-execs) and questioning his suitability to advise the PM on Corporate Social Responsibility. Theresa May punts this off to Greg Clark on 28 October 2016.

David Hanson to Greg Clark - 10 January 2017 (download link)

David Hanson follows this up with Greg Clark on 10 January 2017, as no response had been received to date.

Margot James to David Hanson - 22 February 2017 (download link)

Margot James responds on behalf of Clark, stating that Mr Green was appointed by the previous PM, David Cameron and that she had been advised by No10 that he no longer held the position.

David Hanson to Theresa May - 17 March 2017 (download link)

David Hanson writes to Theresa May highlighting further questions from me about Mr Green and steps taken to ensure he was suitable for the role as Special Adviser on Corporate Social Responsibility.

David Hanson to John McDonnell - 17 March 2017 (download link)

David Hanson writes to John McDonnell, highlighting my letters to him from January, March and April 2016 and asking what steps he had taken in relation to the concerns raised about Carillion.

McDonnell ignores him for months, so I ask David to chase this up, which he did. McDonnell eventually responds by email on 2 August 2017 stating: 

"In response to the correspondence from your constituent Mr Wainwright, I was working on the basis from his past correspondence that Mr Wainwright had expressed such a virulent lack of confidence in me that he was continuing to pursue his concerns via yourself as his constituency MP".

McDonnell had been aware of the fact that Carillion had blatantly lied to the City, their clients, shareholders and employees, and a parliamentary select committee since January 2016 and his first response 18 months later is that?

The response didn't even make sense, as I only contacted David Hanson for help as McDonnell had been ignoring me all this time.

10 Downing Street to David Hanson - 13 June 2017 (download link)

Andrew Paterson responds to the above 17 March 2017 letter to Theresa May, but does not provide the information requested.

So everyone knew about Carillion Lies and the fact that Howson & Co were prepared to lie to their clients, shareholders and employees, and a parliamentary select committee, but nobody did anything about it.

Saturday, 13 January 2018


As Carillion go into liquidation, putting 43,000 jobs at risk, I highlight again, my evidence to Philip Green and the other non executive directors from 2016 on Howson's lies to the city, their employees and shareholders, a parliamentary select committee, etc.

Carillion's position on the blacklisting...

"Crown House, the only Carillion subsidiary to use the Consulting Association's database, stopped doing so back in 2004. The practice was proactively stopped because the HR manager responsible for checking the database believed it was wrong." a total pack of lies.

I was national Labour Manager at Carillion for seven years and set out all the facts and supporting evidence disproving their lies in my three letters in January, March and April 2016. 

These were ignored.

You can view all three letters and evidence HERE

The Carillion Lies are broken down and explained HERE

Oh, and that Carillion HR manager referred to in those lies, Liz Keates. Prolific contributor to the Consulting Association database for many years.

Oh, and that Philip Green. Special Adviser to David Cameron on Corporate Social Responsibilty HERE